The  Bright Side

Paid parking began early this year February 1st…
Instead of March 1st all in an attempt to take advantage of the crowds during Winterfest and collect some extra revenue. The parking manager gave an update on the parking for the extra month and it was a success. The parking attendants did have a little more weather and snow hurdles to deal with but for an extra $108,000 it was doable. Seth the parking manager gave a comparison on what Lake Geneva collects other months and with no other February revenue collection to look at he compared it to the last two March totals which were $86,000 – $96,000, so it’s a win for the city’s bottom line. February may be the start of paid parking into the future leaving only three months of free parking. How long until that’s gone too?


Vaccines—Walworth County….
Please make an appointment to get your vaccine.  Currently, anyone with a co-morbidity as listed by the CDC is eligible to be vaccinated as well as those over 65.  Walworth’s wonderful Department of Health and Human Services is doing an amazing job.  It’s easy and fast.  They are efficient and kind.  Several GSR staff have now been able to get their shot.  Other than some tiredness and some pain at the injection site there have been no serious reactions.  As of this printing, 24% of the Walworth population is vaccinated…please do your part.

Place of the Week

Dollar General in Geneva

The Dollar General store is now open on Highway H in Town of Geneva. Check it out.

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