The nasty, grasping hand of Wisconsin’s missing governor has stepped in to add more interference to the Lake Geneva Carstensen “Pillar of Salt” investigation and prosecution.

And the beat goes on. It’s coming up on two years since the complete investigation of Lake Geneva city operations began. Thousands of pages of reports later, there is still no resolution. And there won’t be any resolution until the seven-year burn rule allows every record of import in the city to be destroyed. In order to keep the results of this thing under wraps, the State of Wisconsin is being encouraged to add a little item to the budget bill this year. That item would assure that post conviction records would no longer be public, or available, under current freedom of information requests.
Scott Walker should seriously consider making Dennis Jordon his assistant.
It would be fitting.


Dennis Jordan retired City Administrator Lake Geneva

Dennis (His Meaness) Jordon has moved on from his particularly inept performance as Lake Geneva’s City Administrator. Actually, he did not ‘serve’ ineptly. It was worse than that. And for that ‘service’ he was promoted to head the fire and police commission. In this new position he can continue his form of awful management and begin adding threats against the police department that investigated him, to the mix of District Attorney stalling, record burning and now the State of Wisconsin possibly coming in to make sure that the largest corruption investigation in Wisconsin’s (let alone Lake Geneva’s) history will remain mostly under wraps for all time. Dan (Gable without the lip fuzz) Winkler and Gumby Connors, Lake Geneva’s nodding mayor, can pray together in quiet relief at the Lutheran church. The design of that church, no doubt by an act of God, resembles a prison warden’s residence. And of course the ruling church of Lake Geneva is located on free land, and pays no taxes. The phrase “match made in heaven” comes to mind.

How missed is Ron Carstensen, the supposed and well-published “criminal,” targeted by the ‘Pillar of Saltinvestigation?
A Lot!
Some of the parking crap, so evidently on display this summer, and the increasingly fouled traffic with no effective response, would never have developed if Carstensen was still working for the city. Ron would have used his rather salty personality, and experienced intellect, to make sure that a snarled fiasco, like Lake Geneva’s parking woes, would never have happened. Last winter’s crummy snow removal would not have happened either. Summer would have been a time of tarring the road cracks, and fixing broken curbs, instead of what you see in and around Lake Geneva. Nothing. Lake Geneva should not give a tinker’s damn about whatever happened to whatever salt the investigation was originally talking about. Lake Geneva should be going after the people who were the real targets of the investigation (they are living in promoted luxury, insulated by their high level friends from all culpability and punishment), and not the greatest damned head of the street department this city has ever had. Ron Carstensen got a raw deal in all of this, and so did Lake Geneva.

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