Have you noticed the not so tantalizing aroma of garbage left to rot in Lake Geneva’s downtown alleys? So what’s going on, and why is this rather heady combination of disturbing smells permeating the Lake Geneva downtown area? The reason is both weather and dumpster pickup related. The summer weather has allowed for moist onshore winds, and the dumpsters have also been over-filled with refuse from the many downtown restaurants. More pickups might be in order if Lake Geneva is to maintain its special status as the premier lake resort area of Wisconsin. No, you have not been alone or possessed of overly sensitive olfactory nerve endings if you’ve smelled weird stuff. Lake Geneva’s city management spends almost all of its time in city hall where the normal aroma inside deadens the town leader’s ability to smell what’s going on in other parts of the community.

Garbage piling up Lake Geneva

 You think the Hummel bunch of gun-toting, stallion-riding, raiders are done with Lake Geneva? They took Lake Geneva for almost four million dollars when they swooped in, bought some land (for about the same amount) and then used a crooked mayor and doubly dense city council and got Lake Geneva to pay for it. The one axiom about con artists that holds true is this: “The easiest target to con is a target that’s been conned before.”

Dan Winkler Lake Geneva Public Works Director

They are coming back, and everyone in Lake Geneva, particularly those entrusted with the city’s money, should be on guard. The Hummel land sits there, like a lurking German submarine during WWII. Is there any question about where that sub’s torpedoes are aimed? Very quiet, and very stealthy moves were made at the last meeting considering over the Big Foot Lake Shore Drive re-route. No, that issue has not gone away. It’s simply quietly submerged awaiting the firing of Hummel’s next torpedoes. At that last meeting, Dan Winkler, the Utility Czar of Lake Geneva, slipped in a little comment about how Hummel should be brought to any future meetings about the issue for advice and counsel. This is the company that pulled five hundred bucks from the pocket of every man, woman and child living in Lake Geneva, and that “tax” should be remembered and appropriately considered whenever the word Hummel is spoken, thought, written or published.

As the future of this operation unfolds, to get “Hummeled” in Lake Geneva will require even more lubricant than was dispensed the last time around.


With little fanfare, the local version of a Mayberry RFD coffee shop opened on Saturday. What’s different about it? All visitors are welcome anytime, but the place is really about local people. A winter haven for those local citizens to hole up in against the cold of weather, and the coldness of life itself. Geneva Java Coffee Shop is about warmth. It’s run by a family that’s embodies the meaning of that simple-seeming word. The Peterson’s are that way by birth, and long life experience. Kona coffee is now on site.

Yes, it costs more. A cup of the regular Java (the Hansa) is a buck-seventy five for 12 ounces. The Kona is two seventy-five. But it’s hard to turn down the 100% Kona at any price. A family on the Big Island of Hawaii grows, picks and roasts the coffee. They call themselves the Blue Horse Company, and if you go online you can easily see why Kona is $2.75. It’s not sold wholesale. And it is thirty bucks a pound. The way the Java serves the Kona, it takes one pound for twenty cups. The net take on that can’t be really significant when you consider shipping costs from Hawaii, storing and handling…much less labor and facility. Also, for a treat, ask for the grilled chicken sandwich with cheese and secret sauce on a toasted bakery fresh bun. To die for! And it’s only six-fifty. Throw in bottle of water and a cup of the Kona and you come in after tax with a total tab of under eleven bucks. Oh, and amazingly the place takes credit cards right down to a single dollar (even if it’s not your own card!)

Peter Peterson at Geneva Java

Captain Peter Peterson, USMC, Captain, retired. Combat veteran used to dealing with hot stuff. Former Captain Peterson now holds the exclusive position as Officer in Charge of all outdoor grilling operations at the new Geneva Java Coffee Shop located at 252 Center Street. This veteran is as proud as he looks and as proud of his new work as deserves to be of his former career. “Uuuuuu…raaaahhhh,” Captain Peterson.


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