Lettenberger flies like Lindberg without the airplane, although with a few more letters to his name, and without the pro-Nazi baggage.  Frank Lettenberger is running for municipal judge in Williams Bay.  He’s so over qualified he may lose the election due to this obvious fact, as well as low voter turnout due to apathetic low anxiety.  There are no political brawls over judgeships in small towns around Lake Geneva.  About the only thing interesting to happen in recent years was when the current municipal judge in Fontana circulated a lying letter about his opponent only days before the election, when his opponent had no time to counter the lies.  That attorney won the judgeship.

Well, don’t look for any tricks from Mr. Lettenberger.  That’s not his style.  Mr. Lettenberger is a trick.  A wonderfully over-qualified highly intellectual man with a world of legal life experience is actually going to make himself available to provide services in his local community instead of continuing to devote full time to his extremely successful private practice in Delavan.  “Clarence Darrow” steps down to work in his community, for small change.  Maybe life around Lake Geneva is on the mend, getting better and improving at light speed.


The Carstensen/Hoeft Case took a big course correction last week. The Assistant AttorneyPillar o f Salt scandal in lake Geneva General, Annie Jay, got Don Hoeft to turn over on Ron Carstensen, so it looks like Hoeft has been dropped as a defendant and is now just a witness who will testify in the case.

The Assistant Attorney General told the judge it would take a week to prosecute Carstensen so the court settled on holding the trail during the second week of September 2015.  That should put the trial so far past the Lake Geneva City Administrator’s retirement that recalling him from his mountaintop spread in Costa Rica might prove difficult.  The Pillar of Salt investigation is turning into the Great Salt Trial.  Ron Carstensen is now staked out and being forced to wait for the predators to approach and begin to take juicy chunks from his helpless mind and body.  The real issues the investigation might prove and the real culprits who performed badly will likely remain darkly cloaked on into the future.


Dick Malmin, Casey Schische, Bill Huntress, Ed Yeager and Dick Peterson.  What do they all have in common?  They have geographics, for one thing.  They are all from the Lake Geneva area and they were all headed together last night to attend the Walworth County Board Meeting.  The Board was to decide whether the TIF (Tax Increment Financing) should be recommended to be continued or not.  The ‘fearless five’ were attending to support a recommendation closing the TIF.  What happened?  The board meeting ran on so there will be no public resolution (or announcement here) until next week.


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