If you do something that involves money, then the government will find a way to come for as much of it as it can get. They will tax the enterprise and require licenses, permits, fees, inspections and approvals, or make it illegal and collect fines, penalties or confiscate the entity or property. It’s the government’s system of “fee enterprise” (that was not a typo).  Furthermore, the government will generally oppose anything that it does not benefit from, until it figures out how to benefit from it. Which normally means that those originally opposing the issue will somehow be able to also financially benefit from the government’s action.

Such is the proposed solution to the short-term rental situation, as proposed by County Walworth County Supervisor David WeberBoard Supervisor Dave Weber. This “solution” makes compliance extremely cumbersome and impractical for individual property owners, while making it easy for large corporations who are already in the rental or real-estate business to increase their own profits. Thus assuring that both the corporate owners, and the current governmental leaders and the get their cut.


The strange case of Del at the Riviera Pier.  It would seem that a woman named Del leases several of the retail spaces in the rows of stores lining Riviera’s athletic locker aroma fairway, running the length of the pier under the brick façade.  Now at some point Del encountered some sort of social reef of competitive disagreement.  Nobody seems to know how, when or why she disagreed with anyone, but complaints were made to Lake Geneva’s administration.  Dennis Jordon, now deposed as city administrator but then serving, banned Del from the pier.  Attorneys for both sides are still talking, although Lake Geneva City Attorney Dan (the Don) Draper is only talking out of one side of his mouth.  Jordon is gone, to be reborn in zombie form with the police and fire commission.  Maybe the city’s new gunfighter Blaine (Utah) Oborn will be a better sounding board for competitive shopkeeper catfights.

Cyrsytal Clear waters of lake Geneva WI

Summer finally arrives. The water is clear and vibrant. The sun is shining. The wind is blowing and it’s all free (except for the beach, parking, boating, eating, drinking and sometimes breathing, of course!). Lake Geneva in full bloom of summer last Sunday.


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