Who Owns Moss Park?  Weeks have passed and there’s been no written response to the open records request for official documentation verifying that the City of Lake Geneva owns Moss Park. After receiving several bogus explanations the Geneva Shore Report did receive a sort of verbal acknowledgement about Mr. Jordan, stating that he could not find the documentation so he hired a real estate title company to research.  Mr. Jordon allegedly sent a letter to the State of Wisconsin to look into matter.

What’s so important about the Lake Geneva’s  “Moss Park”? 

Getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from city officials is what’s so important. If interested parties can’t get truthful information from city officials on a simple yes or no issue, then how city officials be trusted to give truthful information on multi-million dollar issues in which they have a vested interest?  The use of TIF #4 funds to build a serpentine road through Big Foot Park State Park would be a project to think about in that regard.



At 11:11 a.m. on the morning of March 10, 2015, the intensely intent triumvirate thatPeets Coffee Shop Lake Geneva controls most of what happens in Lake Geneva broke up suddenly to bail out of Peets Coffee Shop onto Main Street.  No one knows what they were meeting about although parking lots and BigFoot immediately came to mind.  The meeting didn’t break up because a staff member of the Geneva Shore Report walked into the coffee shop.  It certainly didn’t break up over the photo he took of the powerful trio because the developed film only showed three indistinct and smudged images where powerful men should have appeared.  The meeting of the “Tres Amigos” at Peets Coffee Shop will remain cloaked in mystery and wispy invisibility.  Dan Winkler, Jim Conners and Dennis Jordan mounted their horses and disappeared up Cook Street, identities well concealed under large black sombreros.


Backwards and upside down.  Somehow confusion reigned when it came to editing the Geneva Shore Report last week.  Cobblestone, the neat women’s clothing and accessory store, was relocating from Main Street to a Cook Street location.  That isn’t it at all.  Just the opposite.  Cobblestone, which is open and operating every day, has relocated from its storefront location in the Bistro 220 building and is now to be found on Main Street across from the recently closed Radio Shack location and in the space where the golfing business once was.


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