BigFoot Beach, On the Road again.

 When John Halverson stepped down as editor of The Lake Geneva Regional News he obviously missed a step and stumbled into allowing Bob Kordus to take his spot on the Editorial page, as the self-appointed fact-check Editor. Alderman Kordus claimed he was going to separate fact from fiction in the re-route controversy over South Lakeshore Drive at Big Foot Beach.  Excellent! The newspaper found someone like Dragnet’s Sgt. Joe Friday who could search out the facts and use that useful hoary old phrase “just the facts, ma’am, nothing but the facts!”

Dan Kordus Lake Geneva AldermanBob Kordus, writing from the pulpit of the Regional News editorial page, is no Joe Friday or even a Joe Thursday, however.   He’s a salesman and he’s a politician.  Of course he’s a politician, as he sits on Lake Geneva’s City Council as an Alderman.   Nice guy?  Sure!   But he’s trying to sell a new road through the middle of Big Foot Park like Dick Cheney sold the War in Iraq.  Kordus says the city and DNR have worked for years to maintain the road & Beach at Big Foot Beach.  No fact in that statement.  In an open records request from the Lake Geneva Street Department, Dan Winkler is quoted as writing that “the City of Lake Geneva hasn’t spent a dime on the road in the last 5 years and neither has the state since making it a local road.”


Here’s a fact, for those claiming a new road is necessary for safety reasons. There hasn’t been a single pedestrian accident on the road at Big Foot Beach in the last decade, according to records available at the Lake Geneva Police Dept. Report and the Linn Township Police Department. So if no one is getting hurt, why this urgency for increased safety at Big Foot?

Also, if anyone were maintaining the beach, other than removing seaweed and dropping a couple buckets of sand each year, it would be a news flash at the GSR headquarters and then probably copied by other papers in the area.

Mr. Kordus’ claims that the DNR approached the City of Lake Geneva with plans for the BigFoot re-route.  Another misstatement of fact. Mr. Kordus personally attended the public works meeting when Dan Schuller (of the DNR) admitted that Dan Winker approached the DNR last spring with a scheme for re-routing South Lake Shore Drive through the park in exchange for giving the State Park the city’s boat launch business (which incidentally earns about $33,000 a year for the city) and the space to construct a supposed two thousand foot sand beach for the State Park.

Mr. Kordus went on to state that funding for the DNR’s Parking Lot Complex would come from the State Park’s Conservancy Fund.

Another error in fact.  That fund is comprised of private funding grants and small donations made at the parks. Since Wisconsin lost federal funding in 2010 and State Tax funding in Walker’s current budget, 66 other State Parks are vying for the same amount of money left in the Conservancy Fund. After that money is used up each park has to survive on its own from State Park revenues, donations and bake sales by the Friends of the Park. Our State Park System isn’t flush with cash these days, but rather is in dire financial straights, so the DNR can’t pay for parking complexes, boat launches and tons of sand for the beach. Maybe Mr. Winkler will help them out with his TIF money.

Drone shot of BigFoot Beach, the park inland of it and overlain with paper cutouts where the new road re-route and the boat launch and parking lots would go if Dan Winkler, mastermind of Lake Geneva, gets his way.

Stop Ming from ruining Planet Mongo!

Stop Dan Winkler from ruining BigFoot Beach and Park!

Big Foot Beach Road Realignment

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