The Lake Geneva City Council Meeting, held on Monday night, was a bit of a mad house.  Mr. Kordus appears to be the figurehead at the head of the BigFoot re-route plan.  He stated that there was nothing in the plan to include a 300-space parking lot.  Mr. Kordus was wrong again. The only plan ever seriously talked about is DNR Plan C. It clearly shows two parking lots of 120 cars each, another parking area to hold 30 cars and 30 boat trailers That adds up to 300 parking spots, plus even more parking at the visitor station. Why didn’t Mr. Kordus tell us why the State Park needs so much more parking instead of intentionally misleading the public to believe there will be no parking lots on the lake front?


Rumor and speculation contend that the DNR has to have these parking spaces on the lake front because the it plans to remove the existing 120 car parking lot to allow room for Mr. Hummel and his Hummel Development Company to access the new South Lake Shore Drive.

Mr. Kordus says he dreams of the day he can lay on Big Foot Beach and blissfully listen to the children splashing in the lake without car noise, horns and car radios. Well, Bob Kordus, keep dreaming because that won’t become fact either.  Obviously, Bob has never been to Big Foot Beach on a summer weekend to see what is actually happening. True, there are children on the small portion of beach that remains after 20 years of neglect, but the whole rest of the beach has been taken over by the “Boat People.”

Big Foot Beach with and without Boats

The boat people are the weekend flotilla of some of the largest and most up-scale boats around the lake that moor along Big Foot Beach, tethering to each other gunwale to gunwale, sometimes four tiers deep.  The boat people socialize, sunbathe, play games, cavort and imbibe, and play to their audience in the cars passing by. These weekend boaters are all about celebrating, making noise and having fun together, it’s certainly not the quiet bucolic beach Mr. Kordus dreams of and it never will be.  The only peaceful and relatively quiet part of the BigFoot Park scene involves the Hispanic population.  The free beach is a natural magnet for these people and their families.  There has been a concerted effort to minimize the Hispanic use of BigFoot and this effort continues with this new re-route plan.

The Wood Shop.  

Charlie and Billy can be found inside.  Bring your own insurance inside if you visit.  But visit. Their place is out on Hwy 67, in part of the old military base quarters.  Tools hang from the ceiling like there were left by Dr. Frankenstein when he left.  These guys do metal and wood like you will not believe until you hire them.

Find them.  
Track them down.  
Go there.

The Wood Shop Lake Geneva


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