Traffic Signal not working Lake GenevaLake Geneva’s traffic lights still do not work.  Summer is coming and that pesky problem remains.  Dan Winkler, head of the Lake Geneva Public Utility Commission, may well be hibernating for the rest of the cold season.  His work has been brought into question about more than the ridiculous re-route plan for BigFoot’s road, the Catholic Bocce Ball Court (Protestants can play but they are frowned upon), and even the rise of Bunk Pavilion.  Now the summer season begins to make its appearance felt and that means parking and traffic flow.  The signals have not yet been reset to help people get quickly through Lake Geneva or direct to where they may want to go.  The left turn signal in the turning lane onto Main Street, for the people trying to turn and head west, never works.  The arrow remains dormant no matter how many cars back up.


Richard Hedlund was appointed to replace Sturg Taggert as 3rd District Alderman just after Sturg passed away last year.

Travor Hotel Lake genevaHedlund has maintained a very low profile since joining the Council and it can now be understood why.  Mr. Hedland gave a short talk about his ideas for spending the ten million held in the current TIF fund account.  His list of new TIF Projects was met with complete silence at the Monday night council meeting. In the firm belief that TIF money grows on trees, Mr. Hedlund recommended tearing down both the Trevor Hotel and the Lake Geneva Museum.  Yes, the museum down there by the river, build only a few years ago at great expense.  Mr. Hedland proposes that a new parking structure be built where the Museum currently sits.   He then recommended putting up a much larger museum where the Trevor Hotel sits today.  There appears to be some slight different between brain injury and brain death.  Mr. Hedland is working hard to figure out which of those maladies he is suffering from.

Strange Happenings?


Suspicious Happenings Lake Geneva

Who are those guys, anyway?  Two men walking into Lake Geneva businesses and asking to see the water lines.  They said they were subcontractors of subcontractors of the city.  The city never heard of them when called.  What are window washers doing checking out water lines?  Probably not checking out water lines!  Be careful out there.  Ask for credentials and call the Police Department if you experience these guys.

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