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What has U.S. Cellular done to us, the citizens, residents, and visitors around Geneva Lake?
Three years ago, the GSR ran a series of stores about the number of cell phone towers built, and then deliberately turned off, by the cell phone companies. The only cell phone company to take note of this series, and react, was U.S. Cellular. Not only did the company turn on its dormant exiting towers around the lake, but it also went on to advertise itself nationally as the “rural cell phone service” of America. U.S. Cellular was terrific. They were terrific for two years. Once they got many of their competitor’s accounts, however, the company reflected on the money to be made, and then shut down most of the rural towers again.

Today, the primary and close U.S. Cellular towers are shut down. Service is from Elkhorn and Harvard towers. The company only has to provide “adequate” service. The company is left to define the word adequate. U.S. Cellular was brilliant to react nationwide to the GSR story. Then it was just as brilliant to gather in all kinds of the competitor’s accounts and then shut down the extra towers. How do companies like this become rotten and corrupt? Like Boeing, the great American airplane building company, they sell out for the bucks. Cell phone service returns to somewhere between crummy and non-existent around Geneva Lake. The other companies, like AT&T, and the rest didn’t even bother to make any attempt to power up the many local towers they own but now keep powered down to save money on electricity.


There will be a Founders Day Picnic at White River Park this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Enjoy a beautiful day in nature and an educational presentation in the barn starring a Northern Saw-whet Owl, an Eastern Screech Owl, and the rescue organization Fellow Mortals. The event is free and any donations will go to Fellow Mortals. (Please do not bring dogs to the Owl presentation.)
Everyone in your family and among your friends will enjoy this day! Don’t miss it! Any donations will go toward Fellow Mortals in the Town of Geneva. Geneva Lake Conservancy is co-sponsoring the Fellow Mortals presentation.


Fat Tire Ride.
The 9th annual Fat Tire Delavan Lake bike ride is this Saturday, May 18, 2019, starting at 11:00 a.m. and consisting of a 12-mile bike ride around Delavan Lake with stops at 5 restaurants/bars along the way. Participants get to enjoy a fun-filled day. Riders have 6 hours to complete the ride, and enjoy plenty of cheering from the sidelines! All proceeds go to technology at St. Andrews school. Just a friendly reminder that the Lake Geneva Fat Tire Ride is coming September 14, 2019!

Sink Hole Repair

Sink Hole Repair Lake Geneva

Sink hole on the corner of Main & Cook streets reported and repaired all in the same day!

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